The Story of Abe & Kroenen (abe_kroenen) wrote,
The Story of Abe & Kroenen

Abe & Kroenen Noir: The Jensen File

Hey everyone!

Way way back in August, we were lucky enough to have the chance to work with Kyle freakin' Cassidy (kylecassidy), an amazing and accomplished photographer, plus an accomplished 'cool dude'. He suggested a Noir-themed episode of A&K and we excitedly rose to the challenge.

He asked us, when we had finished with photo time on August 10th, when this episode would see the light of day. "October?" he suggested. I personally scoffed at him and Rebecca was quick to join me in doing so.

"Pff, maybe two weeks?" she said with the confidence of someone who had previously spent hours digitally painting pseudo-Hellboy yellow for several episodes. This was just black and white!

I, knowing that I can be what you call 'meticulous' or, hey, 'self-loathingly precise' about the writing of this comic, added "Latest, maybe, September, first week, because the writing has to be extra awesome. But that's at the absolute latest."


So anyway, Happy Halloween! And without further ado, Abe & Kroenen Noir.

Kim & Rebecca

Behind-the-scenes post in a few days. And thanks again and again and again to kylecassidy for being so awesome. And, as it happens, today is also Kyle's birthday! Happy birthday to you!

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